Derrick’s Choice

Book 1

With a potential killer on the loose and missing money from the company he’s protecting, can he get out of his own stubborn, rebellious way, going against everything his father ever wanted to step up and save the woman who has dominated his soul while submitting to his desires?

Derrick Caldwell:

Trying to make my own way in life, I joined the Air Force, only to have my dad pull strings to place me in Special Ops. Turns out, my entire life had been decided for me; I was to follow in my father’s footsteps.

Once discharged, I have my goals within reach and defying dad is at the top of my list, until Jesse walks in, stealing everything I want. 

I should hate her for taking away my choices, but I can’t; one smile was all it took to brand herself on my soul. I swear I’ll bide my time and eventually have my dream job and her!

Who knew the position my father forced me to take for Titan Security would lead me to everything I desired? I have to act fast, as time is working against me, with a potential killer on the loose, money missing from the company, and someone stalking her…

Jesse Bradford:

On the verge of making manager, I’m consumed with work, before Derrick steps in and snatches my promotion out from under me. He’s familiar, but how? And why does he take my breath away every time we touch? I want to make his job a living hell – until someone tries to kill me.

Now my life is in Derrick’s hands, the ones I imagine bending me to his will. 

Why am I even thinking this way? He has me confused, forcing me to rethink who I am, submitting to my desires, and helping him track down a killer(s) before they strike again. Can I trust him?

I don’t know that I have a choice.

Jonas’s Redemption

Book 2

She has to go into hiding and he has to keep her safe, the only problem is they’re more enemies than lovers until their desires become something they can’t ignore. Now, they have to fight off their passions while trying to stay alive.

Jonas Forgione:

I’ve been fighting a battle with PTSD, trying to fit into society and leaving the military behind– needing time to redeem myself – to get out of my head. Get myself back to the man I used to be.

Going into hiding on an isolated island with my co-workers’ daughter and protecting her from the Bratva was not in that plan.

Erica isn’t the type of woman I like to claim. She’s plain, too into her studies. 

How do I keep my thoughts pure when she sparks the need for dominance inside me?

I want to tie her up and then tie her to me.

Erica Jamieson:

I’ve been in hiding before, so I know the drill. But graduating college was supposed to be my time to shine, party, enjoy the fruits of my labor. And yet here I am, on an isolated island with a man I can’t decide if I want to kill him or climb him.

Jonas’s broodiness and sinful body play on my mind, and has since the first moment we met. I know he hates me; the feeling is mutual with his arrogance. But to survive this ordeal, I have to surrender in more ways than one, letting go of my fears and discovering the strength inside me.

Can we survive the danger and learn to love each other?

Makenna’s Trust

Book 3

She has to prove his innocence when everything from their past suggests he might be guilty. Can she save him without losing her heart – again?

Makenna Bradford:

Get to NYC, do my job, prove the innocence of a man I used to love with all my soul. 

I have to do all of this without emotion, leave as if his very presence doesn’t affect me. 

If I don’t take this case, I have to quit my job I need. 

It’s a tough decision, given the man, Marcus Lombardi, shattered my heart.

“You’re the only one who can tell if he’s lying, the only one he trusts.” Too bad I can’t return that confidence.

Marcus Lombardi:

I should be worried about going to jail from bogus charges filed on behalf of the FBI and SEC for something I’ve never even heard of until now. Prison time is supposed to be scary.

But all I can think about is the chance to see Makenna, be near her, and finally figure out what happened between us. 

I’ve spent the last five years wondering what I did wrong, holding out for a chance to talk to her. Does she even care how she gutted me? 

My life is literally in her hands now while she attempts to unravel the truth before I have to stand trial. I pray my faith in her is justified and that some spark still exists, that all hope isn’t gone. No matter what, she’ll always be mine.